In 1991 Kev Walker began to design and decorate pottery.
His first pots were thrown and fired by a working potter from Somerset who had been an apprentice to William Fishley Holland.

Over the next few months, Kev developed his own slips and glazes and learned to throw. By January 1993 he'd bought a kiln and become a potter - an interest which gradually turned into a passionate obsession.

A friend (also a founder member of the Brannam Society and well connected in the art-pottery milieu) recognised the unique nature of these pots and persuaded him to sell some.

Orders and commissions soon flooded in; but though initially flattered, Kev soon found that the leisurely and painstaking pleasure his work had been, sometimes spending eight or nine hours on one large pot, was becoming just a pressure to meet orders.

Once he realised that the creative joy of developing imaginative designs was in danger of dwindling into a production line and a business, the pleasure was over. He sold everything and took up the guitar.

In 2009 Kevin's creative obsession returned so he bought a new kiln and wheel.

He is now back where he the shed...making pots.